A Magical Time at Disney World (January, 2019)

This “news” is a bit dated since it actually occurred in early January, 2019. But, I wanted to share a link with you to a movie I made for my youtube channel that shows the wonderful (spelled MAGICAL) time we had at Disney World with 3 of our older grandchildren (ages 20, 19, and 17). Here’s the link:

As you will see, we had a really fun time together. One unique part of this movie is, I interview the 3 children after the trip for their thoughts on what we saw and did. They actually planned a “surprise” segment for the interview portion that you will enjoy. It is their response to my question: “Do you think we all got along well?”. Another thing I did was have an “outtakes” section which shows 3 short videos that had to be redone, but were worth watching anyway. The smiles on this picture says it all!

In front of the fountain in the lobby of our Disney Home – the Dolphin Hotel!

For documentation purposes, here are the names of those in the picture above (left to right): Haley, Mimi (Sandra), Hunter, Julie, Poppa (that’s me, Ken). It was a happy time in our happy place…

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