2019 Spring Meeting at Bethany Church

Today is Sunday (04-28-2019) and we just finished our annual Spring meeting at Bethany Church. The meeting included services Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening, and ended with services and lunch on Sunday morning. As far as I’m concerned, it could continue through the coming week!

From a preaching and fellowship perspective, it was a very blessed and successful time in the Lord. The preaching was excellent and allowed us to focus on how blessed God’s people are, regardless of their earthly circumstances. Messages included:

  1. The resurrection of Jesus Christ
  2. Jesus Christ our mediator
  3. “Building an Ark” as Noah did to protect us from the trials and difficulties of this world
  4. Walking by Faith

The invited ministers were Eld. Ronald Lawrence (Thursday night only), Eld. Mike Roberts, Eld. Paul Blair, and Eld. Danny Ferrell.

On Saturday night, we met at our pastor’s home for fellowship, singing, and preaching by Eld. Paul Blair. This was also a very blessed time.

The love of a church family is a precious gift!

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