Walking and Living

My site’s theme, Walking and Living in the Lord’s Creation, isn’t just about my passion for hiking in the “natural” Creation. It’s more about how we “Walk” in this life the Lord has given us.

When I hike a trail (example: Appalachian Trail), it is normally “blazed” with some sort of unique marking (white paint marks on trees and posts). Besides the path below, these markings guide me as to the direction to be taken. It helps me from becoming lost, or wandering into a dangerous area.

God’s Word is our guide when “walking” through this life. He tells what to do and not to do. The longer I live, the more I see His Word as that of a loving, fatherly instruction for His Children – to guide us how to live properly and honoring to Him. However, it is also guidance that helps us avoid the pitfalls that can beset a Child of God in this life.

As a parent and grandparent, I often share thoughts as to how one of the family members should act and behave in certain situations. I tell them this so they can benefit from the result of proper actions, and avoid problems that occur when conducting improper actions.

It is clear to me that we should obey God’s Word because we should HONOR Him for what he has done for us, AND because His Wisdom exceeds all earthly knowledge. These instructions can help us live righteously and safely as we “Walk” through this life He has given us.


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