Granddaughter Gets Married (12-21-2019)

Hi. First – sorry it has been TWO MONTHS since I did an update. No excuse, just reasons (wedding, holidays, etc.). One of the reasons is the title of this posting. Our granddaughter Cecy (Cecilia) got married to Kelly on Saturday, 12-21-2019. Cecy was our first grandchild, and she spent a lot of time with us a she grew up. I taught her how to swim and ride bikes, etc. The couple now live in Houston, Texas (Kelly’s home area) where he has an IT job, and Cecy is about to apply for a nursing job at a nearby hospital (she has a 4-year degree in Nursing and 2 years’ experience as a nurse in a hospital). Here are a few pictures of the newlyweds from the wedding and reception:

The ceremony, which was conducted by our pastor at our church
The beautiful couple we love…
At the reception

We pray God’s richest blessings on them both!

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