Recent Church Activities – Attending a Church Meeting in south Mississippi

In late January, Sandra (my wife) and I had a wonderful trip to her home area in south Mississippi. A church near there, which we had visited many times, was having their annual winter meeting.

Some would refer a meeting as a revival. To us, a meeting is where visiting ministers are invited to preach a series of messages at a church. Typically it is held over a Friday to Sunday time (sometimes ending Saturday). Meals are served in the lunch/dining room, normally provided by the host church (although visitors often bring side dishes).

This meeting was held at Providence Primitive Baptist Church, Eld. Mark Quarles pastor. They have a nice building located in the country, several miles northwest of Laurel, Mississippi. We have been friends with Bro. Mark and his precious family for many years. He is a VERY gifted minister, with a wonderful wife and children. We love them like our own…

The meeting started on Friday morning (01-24-2020) with two ministers preaching. Subjects included “Internal struggle of God’s People” and “Peace of the Church”. After lunch, two ministers preached, presenting the subjects of “Human vs. Spiritual Nature” and “Jesus’ Ministry”. Supper was served at the church, followed that night with two messages “The promises of God” and “Transformed vs. Transferred”.

On Saturday morning (01-25-2020), we heard two messages “The Lord’s Help” and “A Lively Hope”. After lunch, the subjects were “Jesus – the High Priest” and “Putting our faith in Jesus”. That evening, we had a fellowship time and supper at a member’s house.

On Sunday morning (01-26-2020), the message was “The knowledge of Jesus”. The meeting ended with a fellowship lunch. Providence Church did a wonderful job in hosting this meeting, and we look forward to returning again (Lord willing), next January.

We were blessed to hear 11 messages by 11 different preachers. It was also a wonderful time of fellowship.

Bro. Mark discussing the preaching arrangements

God Bless…

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