Snow Hike on Sawnee Mountain 02-08-2020

Our home area (Cumming, GA) received approx. 4-5 inches of snow on Saturday, 02-08-2020. I took this as an opportunity to view, walk, and photograph the snowfall in at a nature preserve just north of town called Sawnee Mountain Preserve. It has 11 miles of trails in the two sections of the park. I hiked the newer section (western) from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Here is a link to the trail map for the entire park:

The snow was just starting as I began my hike up the Church Trail (from a Methodist Church parking area). The snow intensified as the hike progressed. The loop was 6.5 miles using the combination of the Church Trail, Mountainside Trail loop, Hilltop Trail, parking area, Ridgeline Trail, Mountainside Trail loop, then back down the Church Trail to the car.

Here is a link to a Google Photos album containing pictures and videos of what I saw on this 3-hour hike:

It was a beautiful hike and am thankful to have the opportunity, once again, to walk in the beauty of the Lord’s Creation!

God Bless

2 thoughts on “Snow Hike on Sawnee Mountain 02-08-2020

  1. Looks like a beautiful hike. You, in Georgia, have gotten more snow than we, in Delaware, have received. We only have had 3/10 of an inch of snow all winter. You are blessed in many ways.


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