Church Meeting – 02-29-2020

On Saturday, 02-29-2020, Sandra and I attended the morning services and fellowship luncheon held at Camp Creek Primitive Baptist Church (Eld. John Melvin, Pastor). This was a part of their annual spring meeting.

The invited ministers included Eld. Mike Ivey (Frisco, Texas) and Eld. Marty Smith (Union Church, Roswell, GA). We’d seen Bro. Mike the weekend before at the annual Florida Fellowship Meeting held at Antioch Primitive Baptist Church in Vero Beach (Eld. Chris Taylor, Pastor).

Bro. Mike preached a wonderful message from John 13 on “Love”.

Eld. Marty Smith followed with a message from Acts 9, and asked 3 questions:

  1. Who is the Lord Jesus?
  2. What would the Lord have me to do?
  3. Who am I?

Both messages were well-delivered and inspiring. After morning services, we enjoyed a fellowship luncheon in the dining area of Camp Creek Church. It was good to be there…

For more about Camp Creek Church, here’s a link to their web site:

God Bless!!

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