Church Meeting – 03-06/07-2020 Bethel Church – Nashville

Friday, 03-06-2020 We drove to Goodlettsville, Tennessee (located just north of downtown Nashville, TN) to attend the annual March meeting at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Eld. Ronald Lawrence, pastor. Joining us for this two-day trip was Bro. Ronald’s grandson, Trey – a precious member of our church whom we love dearly.

Trey enjoying a variation of my famous breakfast treat – “Poppa Poptart”!

After checking into a nearby hotel and resting, we drove the short distance to the church for a wonderful fellowship supper.

Following an inspiring song service, preaching was offered by the invited ministers – Eld. Philip Conley (pastor of Cool Springs Church, Danville, Georgia) and Eld. Sonny Huckaby (pastor of Bethel Church in McMahon, Texas).

L-R: Elders Philip Conley, Ronald Lawrence, and Sonny Huckaby

Bro. Philip preached from Matthew 27 on “The events at the Crucifixion of Christ”.

Bro. Philip is a very gifted minister, we love Philip and his family – they are a huge blessing to us!!!

Bro. Sonny spoke from Song of Solomon 6.

We’ve been blessed to hear Bro. Sonny twice this calendar year!

Saturday, 03-07-2020: Morning services started with singing, and followed by preaching by Eld. Sonny Huckaby on “Conditions and Positions in Life”. His text included references in Ephesians 2 and Psalm 89. Eld. Philip Conley preached on “Go with Jesus in the Way”. His message also emphasized the importance of a church family in our lives, which is something very dear to our hearts…

Bro. Ronald is an excellent pastor and minister, and a very dear family friend. We are thankful…
It is so good to be with Bro. Ronald again. We love him, his ministry, and his precious family!!

After a fellowship luncheon, we departed southward towards home. Our time with Trey, the wonderful fellowship and preaching, all made us realize how greatly blessed we are…

For more information on Bethel Primitive Baptist Church (Goodlettsville, TN), go to this web site:

For more information on Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church (Danville, Georgia), go to this web site:

For more information on Bethel Primitive Baptist Church (Lockhart, Texas), go to this web site:

God Bless!!

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