04-02-2020 Hike – Two Parks

On Thursday, 04-02-2020, I continued my hiking training plan by walking around 15 miles. My original goal was to do so on the Appalachian Trail. However, the Forest Service was ordered to close the trail in Georgia, and all access points! I will refrain from commenting, in the interests of the Christian nature of this web site…

Fortunately, Forsyth County (Georgia) has a fine park system with a variety of park “types”. So, to get in my obligatory 15 mile trek, I used two parks: Charleston Park and Sawnee Mountain Preserve.

At Charleston Park, I walked the 5.8-mile loop twice. Here’s a link to the trail map for the park: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/53bbf1e3e4b0012b3d961f39/t/5485a285e4b02067f2840bcb/1418044037867/CharlestonTrailMap.jp I walked Loop A then Loop B in order, twice (total miles with approach trail: 10.9).

Here are a few pictures showing scenes from the trail:

Spring was definitely coming out…

Of note: The trail system is shared by bikers and hikers. They go in opposite directions for safety purposes. The directions change depending on the day of the week.

After getting in 10.9 miles at Charleston Park, I started home – stopping by Sawnee Mountain Preserve to fill in the remaining 4.1 miles. I took the Indian Seats loop trail (3.5 miles) then the Yucca and Eaglet trails to complete the miles needed.

Here are some scenes from the Indian Seats area at the top of the mountain:

The views were nice on such a clear, beautiful day

Here’s a link to the trails map for both “sides” of the Preserve: https://parks.forsythco.com/Portals/1/Documents/Maps/Park%20Maps/Individual%20Park%20Maps/SMPRE_Trail_Map_2016.pdf

It was a beautiful day to walk in the Creation. I’m thankful to have been blessed so…

God Bless!!!

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