Azaleas in Bloom 04-03-2020

The Lord has placed a great love for His Creation in my spirit. Most of you know this by my posts on this site, and the plethora of hiking movies on my YouTube channel (Ken Brenner).

I can see this beauty in my hiking trips, and sometimes – in simple visits with others.

On Friday, 04-03-2020, we drove to near Villa Rica, GA to visit with our very dear friends, Jim and Judy Stevenson. Their yard is full of beautiful azaleas, some rhododendrons, and other plants and shrubs.

On this occasion, we were blessed with seeing the azaleas in bloom. Here are pictures of what we saw:

Some of the bushes, like these, were in full bloom.
Note the details of an individual petal. God does not spare any details in His work, just as He does not in our lives…
The white azaleas were not quite at peak bloom – but beautiful never the less
Again, note the detailed beauty of an individual flower!
A hybrid of pink and white.
The pink “spots” only grow on the top petal.
Put together, it’s quite a scene.
We were blessed with a beautiful day
Our precious friends, Jim and Judy Stevenson
We certainly enjoyed the day

Praise God!

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