Delay in My Updates – A New Movie

Hi. It’s been over a month since my last entry. Reasons: The Appalachian Trail (AT) is closed, haven’t been to any places worth sharing. I still do my morning walks on the county’s greenway, or at a nearby park. I also sometimes go to the Sawnee Mountain Nature Preserve for a 5-7 mile hike. But, its nothing like being in the mountains and on the AT.

However, I have been busy with a new movie: “Glory to God in His Creation”. Here is the link:

Background: For some time, I’ve felt the desire to create a movie about the Creation, in a different format than my normal “documentary” style. It would be focused on God and all parts of His Creation. Then, in mid-April, I attended two days of online preaching services. The ministers that spoke were greatly blessed and preached wonderful messages. One of them was from Psalm 8, verses 3-4. It mentions God’s Creation and His relationship with Man. This message inspired me to put my ideas into action.

This movie shows the Glory of God in the:

  1. First Heaven (the sky)
  2. Winter’s Slumber
  3. Spring and Summer’s Beauty
  4. Mountain’s Majesty
  5. Waters (stream, river, ocean)
  6. Alaska’s Scenery
  7. Final Season (Fall)

My goal is to honor God for all parts of His Creation, and show His people the absolute majesty and beauty of His works. My thought is, if we see God for his greatness, power, and love, we will know there is a wonderful Lord watching over us. And in a time of trouble, we can have that assurance and feel His peace. In Revelation 7, verse 17 – John tells us “… and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.” Even though His people number as the sands at the seashore, he still cares about each one…

I hope this humble effort will be God-honoring, and peaceful for His people. I chose the music that would enhance this feeling, and hope you find its viewing worth the time spent.

God Bless!

4 thoughts on “Delay in My Updates – A New Movie

  1. This is Ken’s best work to date. What an awesome honor to God who created this beautiful world that we might enjoy thru Ken’s God-given talent.

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    1. Hi Bro. Jerry. So thankful for the opportunity I was given to experience and testify to the beauty and glory of God’s wonderful Creation. Thankful also, for the fellowship with His people, like you…


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