Inspirational for Non-Inspirational Times

Lots of Bad going on since late-May, and it is NOT related to any virus.

From a percentage of population, a very FEW are acting as anarchists, lawless (rioting, looting, burning, defacing), and attempting to force their mainly radical beliefs upon everyone else. A sort of “tip of the tail wagging the dog”.

It wasn’t enough that we had to deal with the overreaction to the virus – we were forced to be inundated with daily stories of radicals and their evil deeds.

I pray a vast majority of American citizens still believe in behavior within the law, acting responsibly, respecting others (in including their property, heritage, and beliefs), and living within our Constitution. I am hoping that in November, their voices will be heard very LOUDLY above those FEW who want to do away with our free and constitutional way of life, and the “dog will bite back”!

Until then, we need something to get us through all the chaos. I recent weeks, I was emailed links that I hope will inspire all decent Americans to rejoice and ensure our country is not given over to the few and loud anarchists.

The first is a wonderful video showing a team of Navy sailors and an Old Glory Flag Ceremony. I hope it touches you as much as it has me. Here’s the link: As an American and Navy submarine veteran, I am impressed and so thankful.

Next, the singer Lee Greenwood has teamed with a singing group Home Free, and the U.S. Air Force “Singing Sergeants”, to bring a new version of his classic “God Bless the U.S.A”. Here’s the link: All I can say is “PRAISE GOD”!

God Bless America, and all of you…

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