My Latest Movies on YouTube

Hi. Hope you all are well and at peace in the Lord

As most of you know, not only do I like to hike, but I like to go to Disney World. We stay at the Dolphin hotel, located in the park near Epcot. I typically go into Epcot most of the time, but also spend some time at the Magic Kingdom.

Out last trip there was February, 2020. I already had two movies that showed all of the features in Epcot and Magic Kingdom. But, I wanted to provided more detail for the attractions I enjoy best. This was especially true since I now have a decent video camera (in my Google Pixel 3 phone).

With this in mind, I recently published two new movies on my YouTube channel.

The first one is about a really fun attraction in the Magic Kingdom called Tom Sawyer Island. To me, it is classic Disney: Fun, innocent, and original. I won’t spoil the movie with more info, so here’s the link:

The second movie is from my favorite attraction at Epcot – France Pavilion. As with the other 11 country-themed pavilions, France gives one a chance to see French architecture and taste the food. And, my favorite part is the 18-minute movie that takes one on a tour of the country, with a very good montage of French classical music playing in the background. Here’s the link:

I am in the process of planning more movies like this. Will update you when they are published.

God Bless!!!

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