New Movies – Health Update

Hi. Hoping you are doing well, healthy, and at peace in the Lord.

Health Update:

I had surgery on June 3 to remove a large bone spur from the back of my heel that was badly affecting my Achilles Tendon. The surgeon also cleaned up my tendon which contained some bone fragments and scar tissue.

In early July, I was released to begin physical therapy. However, that ended after about a week due to two wounds from the surgery not healing properly. I was referred to a wound specialist who has treated me since. He has done an excellent job and the wounds are nearly healed. I will find out more on Tuesday (07-28) and hopefully will be given permission to: 1. Return to physical therapy, 2. Walk full-time using the walking boot they gave me in late June (see first picture below) 3. Return the knee scooter I’ve been using since the surgery (see second picture below). I have been doing in-home therapy exercises and am hoping this gives me a head-start once I return to the therapist. I will provide an update later this week.

The knee scooter beats crutches any day! But, I won’t complain when it is returned…

New YouTube Movies:

I have created two new movies on my YouTube channel (Ken Brenner). The first is “Disney World – Skyliner and Riviera Resort“. The Skyliner is a gondola transportation system that connects four Disney resorts to the Disney parks “Epcot” and “Hollywood Studios”. It rides approximately 60 feet above the ground and offers some nice views. The system opened in September, 2019. The Rivera Resort is Disney’s newest in-park hotel, and it opened in December, 2019. This movie takes you on a ride on the Skyliner from Epcot to the Rivera, then a short tour around the Riviera resort. Here’s the link to the movie: . You will note it was a challenge to film the Skyliner ride since it is surrounded by glass which creates a good bit of reflection.

The most recent movie published is “Disney World – PeopleMover – Day and Night“. The PeopleMover ride is a relaxing, elevated, and small train ride over and through the Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland section. I really enjoy this ride, and the movie shows the complete ride in the day, and how it looks at night. The theme “Day and Night” will be better understood when you see the closing segment (smile). Here’s the link to the movie: Hope you enjoy…

God Bless!!!

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