Health Update: 07-30-2020

Hi. As mentioned in the last post, I had appointments on Tuesday (07-28) to visit both my foot doctor/surgeon, and the wound doctor.

I am thankful to report both told me it looked basically healed, and I was released as follows: Walk full time on the walking boot, return the knee scooter (which I’d used for 8 weeks), return to therapy.

I had two therapy sessions this week, and will have 3 per week in the coming two weeks.

I will return to the foot doctor on 08-18 and may be released from the walking boot back into a regular shoe. I will probably continue therapy for the month of August. They are designing my therapy around getting my Achilles Tendon, both feet, and both legs stronger so I can return to hiking in the Lord’s Creation. That could possibly resume in late October or early November.

I thank all for your queries and prayers on my health. While my condition was not serious from an overall perspective, it was completely debilitating with regards to my walking and hiking. So, I am very thankful…

One more comment regarding prayer, I ask that you please pray for:

– My dear wife Sandra, who has a daily battle with Fibromyalgia

– Glady Pennell, who is dealing with issues related to vision and recovery from a recent surgery. She is a dear sister in the church and a loving, caring Child of God

– Jerry and Kathy Jones – who are dealing with chronic illnesses. We have been friends with this dear, Godly couple since 1982!

– Gary and Cindy Johnson – Cindy is experiencing several disabling illnesses. We are good Christian friends from my work years in Atlanta.

– Gene Gilbert – Gene has been dealing with cancer, and the side effects, for many years. He and I served on the same nuclear submarine in the early 1970s, and he was with me on my first Appalachian Trail hike in 1973/1974!

God be with them all!

Note: If you have a prayer request, please let me know and I’ll mention it in the next post.

We’re going to a church meeting near Macon, GA tomorrow (Friday, 07-31). Will provide a full report soon after returning. This is our first out of town trip since March – and we are looking forward to it!

God Bless!!!

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