Health, Signs, and Future Movies


I continue to go to therapy 3 times per week, do home therapy each morning, and have now been cleared to go back to the gym and do my strength training workouts (three times per week. I walk 20-30 minutes per morning. As expected, the tendon/heel areas are sore, but that will improve as they flex and heal. Thankful for where I am now.

Sandra (my wife) went to a new doctor this past week. He will start his diagnosis by conducting a test at the end of September. We are hoping his diligent approach to medicine will arrive at a root cause and solution for her. Prayers requested.


With the election less than 60 days away, our subdivision is now allowed to display political signs (HOA rules!). Here’s ours, to make sure everyone knows where we stand…

I will be volunteering at the Forsyth County (GA) Republican Party office at least one day per week. They need someone there during peak periods (apparently 11 am – 2 pm) to hand out signs, answer questions, etc. I’ve handed out more than 15 in our subdivision so far. There are around 140 homes. Have seen at least 5 Trump 2020 flags already installed.

09-09-2020 UPDATE: I was told I cannot be in the office unless a “staff” member is there. So, not sure if I will be able to volunteer to man the office or not. However, I have contributed to the number of signs in our subdivision (Vickery Lake, Cumming, GA).

Future Movies

I’ve been considering my next movie production, and am thinking about these (in no particular order):

Appalachian Trail in Georgia – I currently have a movie about the trail in Georgia. However, last summer I walked and filmed the details of one of my favorite sections (Unicoi Gap to Dicks Creek Gap). From that, I decided to start filming the details of the other Georgia sections, and have completed one more thus far. I’ll probably start with my favorite.

Travel – During the 9.5 years I traveled for my job, I always took pictures in whatever city I worked. I have few video files as I did not have a good video camera in those days. But, the still photos do show the sights of each place I visited and worked. I’m thinking of starting this “Travel Series” with Washington, DC. Most of those pictures are at night, since I worked during the normal day light hours. But, that city and specifically the monuments, are really beautiful at night. I also have a set of pictures taken in December, 2007 of a snow storm that came through while I was there.

I look forward to sharing these and more with you.

God Bless!!!

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