Thoughts of Fall Temperatures and Colors

As most of you know, I feel a great calling to be in God’s beautiful Creation and witness to others of His wonderful work.

This time of the year is when I “celebrate” the heat of the Summer is nearly complete (I don’t do well in hot weather), and the coolness and beauty of Fall is almost upon us (as well as some prime hiking weather). Related to the (near) arrival of Fall, I want to share with you a tradition I started many years ago.

Starting in 1974, and continuing (missing some years) until around 2000, I subscribed to a magazine published by the state of Vermont called “Vermont Life”. I kept the Autumn issues due to their nice articles and beautiful scenery. In the past 20+ years, right after Labor Day, I get the saved issues out and read them some each night.
I find it so peaceful and gets my mind ready for the upcoming cooler weather.
The state stopped publishing the magazine in 2018, but most of the editions are archived at this location:

During the coming weeks of Fall, I will to share with you some of my favorite articles and thoughts from each edition.

(Note: I’ve moved what was originally a section for the 1974 edition to a newer, more detailed post.)

Bible Verse:
I love this one, and heard it recently at a bible study.
From Mark 2:17
They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
I love the words of Jesus, and these touch me. That Jesus would leave heaven’s glory and come down here as our “Great Physician”, is an example of His/God’s love towards His people. Another example of Grace…

I pray you are doing well and at peace in the Lord.

God Bless!!!

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