Church Meeting – Ebenezer Fellowship

Each year, the churches making up the “Ebenezer Fellowship” hold an annual meeting. This year, it was held at Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church, located just south of Danville, Georgia.

Cool Springs Church is located just off I-16 around 27 miles east of Macon, GA

Thursday, 09-24-2020
A fellowship supper was held in the lunchroom (located behind the meeting house seen above) prior to the start of preaching.

Each preaching service is preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

Note the camera on the tripod.
All services during the meeting were broadcast on the Cool Springs Facebook page.

Elder Philip Conley, pastor of the host church Cool Springs, was moderator, and opened the meeting with announcements and order of preaching. He did an excellent job in this capacity…

Behind Bro. Philip is Elder Gary Hall, who would offer an opening prayer.

Elder Tony Lester opened the preaching from John 3 on “Born Again”. This passage tells about Nicodemus coming at night to meet with Jesus. The subject of “Born Again” is discussed by Jesus, explaining it refers to being Born of the Spirit. After the crucifixion, Nicodemus is again mentioned as helping with the body of Christ.

Bro. Tony is pastor of Harmony Primitive Baptist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi

Elder Danny Wisner followed with a message from Philippians 4 on “Rejoicing”. This includes giving thanks for all blessings, and praising God.

Bro. Danny is pastor of Tippecanoe Primitive Baptist Church in Bourbon, Indiana

Friday, 09-25-2020
The day started with a song service, prayer, and preaching by Elder Ronnie Loudermilk from Song of Solomon 2. The subject was “Preservation” and how, like Solomon loved his bride, God loves His people in spite of our sinful nature.

Bro. Ronnie is pastor of Union Grove Primitive Baptist Church in Monroe, North Carolina

Elder Ronald Lawrence preached on “The Wondrous Things of God”. Biblical examples were offered including: Abraham and Sarah, Zacharias and Elizabeth, and Mary the virgin. “With God, all things are possible!”

Bro. Ronald is pastor of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Goodlettsville, Tennessee (near Nashville)

Lunch fellowship followed morning services. Afternoon services were preceded with song service, then preaching by Elder Luke Addison on “Who is Jesus”. He is the rock upon which the church is built.

Bro. Luke is pastor of Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church in Smithdale, Mississippi

Elder Mark Quarles preached next from 1 John 1 on “Being Close to Jesus”. Stay close to God and Jesus, and they will be close to you!

Bro. Mark is pastor of Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Stringer, Mississippi

A fellowship supper was served, followed by singing, then prayer by Elder Chris Crouse from Psalm 78 on “Biblical Leaders”. Characteristics include lead by God’s ways, have a heart of integrity, be willing to sacrifice, be gentle, and show the love of Christ.

Bro Chris is pastor of Little Union Primitive Baptist Church in Lithia, Florida

Elder Danny Wisner followed with a message from 1 Peter on the importance of Charity (love), humility, and putting Jesus first – us last.

Saturday, 09-26-2020
The final day’s services began with singing, followed by prayer, then preaching by Elder Ronald Lawrence on “The King”. In Isaiah 32:2, we learn about all that Jesus is for us. It is comforting to know that The King will be in Zion (the church) and will always be our shield.

The final message of this very blessed meeting was delivered by Elder Mark Quarles from Daniel 9:16 where Daniel prays to God and asks for forgiveness. God answers immediately by sending the angel Gabriel. So thankful that GOD HEARS OUR PRAYERS!

Fellowship lunch followed the morning services.
The services were well attended during the 3 days.

Both pictures taken on Saturday morning

It is such a blessing to be in the company of God’s people and His called ministers. We all felt the Spirit of God in the messages as well as the very loving fellowship times.

Cool Springs Church, under the very able leadership of their Pastor Elder Philip Conley, did a wonderful job in hosting this meeting.
They always make us feel welcome and at home…
For more information on this church, see their web site:

Praise God!!!

One thought on “Church Meeting – Ebenezer Fellowship

  1. We enjoyed being at this meeting so much! What a blessing it is to be able to worship together. The members at Cool Springs were so loving and hospitable.

    Love in Christ,




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