10-06-2020 – A Beautiful Sunset in the First Heaven

I have often heard preachers refer to the “First Heaven” as the sky/atmosphere of our world. This is the home to the “fowls of the air” (birds), the tops of the Lord’s large trees, components of our weather, and views through to the “Second Heaven” (stars, moon, sun, etc.).

I attend a nearby church – Boiling Springs Primitive Baptist Church, on Tuesday nights. A part of my return home is via a two-lane road that has some farm land on its northern border. I’ve often seen some nice sunsets near the end of this road. The view includes the sunset, a pond, and old outbuilding.

On the way home from bible study Tuesday night (10-06-2020), I was given these views as I passed this familiar area. I find this time peaceful, especially on this road. That, together with the scenery and sunsets I often view, make me again appreciate the beauty and glory of God’s beautiful Creation.

I spent a few minutes looking and capturing the images as the sun going down rapidly changed the appearance of the skyline.

One last look back…

As with my hiking, one never knows when another look into the Glory of God’s Creation will appear around the corner…

Praise God, and may He Bless You!!!!

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