June, 2021 Meeting at Bethlehem Church – Bay Springs, MS

Hi! Hope this finds you and your family doing well, and enjoying the peaceful and comforting grace of our Lord.

On the weekend of June 19-20, Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church (Elder Josh King, Pastor) hosted a special preaching meeting.

The invited minister was Elder Mark Quarles, pastor of Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Stringer, Mississippi.

Each service was preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

Saturday Morning, 06-19-2021

Eld. Mark Quarles preached from Genesis 37:5 on “Joseph like Jesus”.
From this message:
– Jacob gave his son Joseph a coat of many colors. God gave His son Jesus His people from all walks of the world

Eld. Mark Quarles

Following morning services, a fellowship luncheon was served.

Saturday Afternoon

Eld. Mark Quarles Preached from Genesis 39 on “Joseph”
References included:
– Genesis 39, 40, and 41
From this message:
– Potiphar’s house was blessed because of Joseph, we are blessed because of Jesus
– Question: Would we rather be in a prison with God, or in a palace without Him?

The meeting continued on Sunday morning, 06-20-2021 with Eld. Mark Quarles preaching.

Eld. Josh King is the pastor of Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church

L-R : Eld. Josh King, Eld. Mark Quarles

For more information on Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

For more information on Providence Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

God Bless!!!


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