Our New Home – Views from the House (Lakeside)

Hi. Here’s the first of several entries about our new house.

We have a 1.3 acre lot, which is located at the end of a cull-de-sac.
The lot slowly goes down to a lake, which is located on the western side of our property.
The lake enhances the views west, especially at sunset.

The lake as seen from the back patio west down to the lake. The grove of trees in the middle are on our property.
Taken: 08-29-2021
A mid-day view west across the lake. Taken: 09-20-2021
Looking back through our grove of trees to the house

Morning Mists
One morning (10-19-2021), as I was about to leave for my walk, I noticed the early Fall cooler temperatures created a nice, misty view on the lake.

Looking to the north.
To the west…
Enjoyed the early sun’s warming rays

Fowl Visitors
There is a small flock of geese that live on this lake.
They divide their time between the north side of the lake and our lakeshore.
Once, they ambled up the yard to within 100 feet or so of the house. Because of what they leave behind (no pun intended), I wanted them to stay away from the patio and down at the lakeshore. So far, that’s worked.
I’ll often see them “bathing”, eating, and napping on or very near to the shore.
A lone duck is normally with them, and an occasional white “crane”.

Below are some pictures of our “fowl” visitors…

First Encounter, Not of the Close Kind
We had a pretty wet summer with lots of good rain (from a lake perspective).
On 08-29-2021, I went down to see just how high up from the normal shoreline the waterline was.
As I got closer, I noticed a group of geese.
I then slowly walked downward, hoping they wouldn’t see me and leave.
And as I got closer, they noticed me, and vacated the premises…

Note the red pole on the lower right of the picture.
That’s a northern corner marker for our lot, and is normally, not that submerged.
I’ve been spotted!
And, off they go…
Note the geese are dots now, heading to the west side of the lake.

Ducks are Different
On 09-20-2021, I noticed the partly cloudy sky and mostly calm water made for a nice setting.
As I walked towards the shoreline, I noticed the solitary duck was there without its geese friends.
I moved closer VERY slowly, stopping several times for 30 or so seconds, in the hopes the duck wouldn’t leave.
That technique, plus the fact the duck didn’t appear to scare so easily, provided me with a much closer look at my fowl friend.

A lone duck
I’m pretty sure it knew I was there
The duck and the reflection made for a nice combination
It didn’t move, even when I got this close

One More Attempt at Being Neighborly
On 10-26-2021, I noticed the geese were back, so I thought I’d try again.
So much for that idea…

Some were napping, some were cleaning, some were standing guard
So far, so good…
Nope – off they go!
… “into the wild blue yonder”

“My Latest Sun is Sinking Fast”

“My race is nearly run,”
“My strongest trials now are past,”
“My triumph is begun,”

“O come, angel band,
Come, and around me stand,
O bear me away on your snowy wings,
To my immortal home…”

(From the “Old School Hymnal“)

God Bless!!!


2 thoughts on “Our New Home – Views from the House (Lakeside)

  1. Ken, your new place looks incredible. If I wasn’t so old & in better health, we’d just drive down & visit you! What a beautiful place. God has really blessed you & your family. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Jerry and Kathy

    On Sat, Dec 11, 2021, 12:13 AM Living in the Creation wrote:

    > Ken Brenner posted: ” Hi. Here’s the first of several entries about our > new house.We have a 1.3 acre lot, which is located at the end of a > cull-de-sac.The lot slowly goes down to a lake, which is located on the > western side of our property.The lake enhances the views west, e” >


  2. Hi Bro. Jerry! So thankful you got to see this. Will have others showing the outside and inside of our house. And, we would be so blessed if you and Kathy could come down. Continued Prayers and Love for you both, hoping you have a blessed holiday time.


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