Hiking in Mississippi – Longleaf Horse Trails

As seen in earlier posts, we are finally moved into our new home just south of Laurel, Mississippi and north of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I continue to do my daily exercise walks and a few days in a nearby gym. The exercise is to keep me in shape to continue my passion for walking in the Lord’s beautiful Creation.

Speaking of hiking, there are ample opportunities in south Mississippi to do so.
The DeSoto National Forest has a northern section just east of where we live, and there’s a larger parcel south of Hattiesburg that goes to near the Gulf Coast (60+ miles).

In the northern section, the Longleaf Horse Trail system offers 3 loop trails all starting and ending at a central primitive campground.

The campground with a nice lake is located on the map designated as “Trailhead”

I have hiked all 3 trails and have volunteered to update/replace trail markers (in both directions) on each trail. Here’s an example of how they are marked:

This is going north from the trailhead campground.
For a short distance, all three trails follow the same route.

Here are a few pictures of the campground:

Typical of the campsites. Note the hitching post in the back.
There’s also a fire ring, picnic table, post to hang a lantern on, and soft, flat ground for tents.
The main part of the central campground.
There’s a restroom building (pit toilets), but no potable water (must bring your own).

There’s a nice lake located next to the campground. Good place to water horses and to fish.

A look along the dam (on the left) and the lake.

Typical views along the 3 trails:

In the lower areas, the trees change from Longleaf Pine to hardwoods
There are definitely some short water crossings, which horses navigate much better than hikers!
A trail will occasionally follow a Forest Service fire road
Another nice feature of this trail system are picnic tables. I’ve found 4 thus far.
Note the metal steps on the right side of the picture – used to help get back on the horse.
Fortunately, this hiker was already “on his horse”! (smile)
It is always nice to look up into the tree canopy and the Lord’s First Heaven (sky)

This posting offers a glimpse into the beauty of the Lord’s Creation as seen from the Longleaf Horse Trail system in the DeSoto National Forest. When I complete the updating of the trail markers, I plan to re-hike each trail, film and photograph, and create movies for my YouTube Channel (Ken Brenner).
If you haven’t already, consider subscribing to that channel so you can be notified when I produce a new movie.
The channel is located at: https://www.youtube.com/user/kenwbrenner/videos

Hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the beauty of our Lord’s Creation.
Thanks for visiting my web site!

God Bless!


3 thoughts on “Hiking in Mississippi – Longleaf Horse Trails

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! That looks like a beautiful area. What a great blessing that there are trails you can enjoy close to your home.

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