Sunrise, Sunset…

Hi. Hoping you are doing well in the blessings of our Lord.

As you may have seen in past articles, we have a nice view from our back porch and patio of a lake behind our house. Our lot goes down to the lake and has a decent amount of lakeshore for us to enjoy.

The past views showed sunsets across the lake and to the west.
Recently, I was able to capture more sunset pictures PLUS a nice sunrise.

(I probably have you humming that song, so here’s the original from the 1971 movie “Fiddler on the Roof”:
You can play it while looking at the pictures below.


Here’s the sunrise, viewed through an upstairs window on 02-20-2022:

A beautiful start to the day


And, a sunset sequence on the evening of 02-15-2022:

A full moon was rising in the northeastern sky
Meanwhile, the sun was setting in the southwest
(Note the low water level. The Lord has since replenished…)
Looking south along our patio
And, northward as well
Sunset + patio lights make for a nice scene…

Praise God for His glory as seen in the beauty of the First Heaven!

God Bless!!


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