Beauty in God’s Creation – Sunset Progression and a New Movie

Hi. Hoping this week, you have been blessed of the Lord with His Grace, Mercy, and Peace!

Two topics in this article related to the Lord’s beautiful Creation:
1. Progression of a sunset
2. New movie showing the Appalachian Trail in Maryland

Progression of a Sunset in the First Heaven
On Saturday, 06-25-2022, I was blessed to observe the progression of a beautiful sunset. Here are four scenes as the sun settled in the west.

The thinning clouds overhead and setting colors arrayed in the west
The beauty becomes more pronounced in both parts of the sky
The pending darkness enhances the color
The dark red streaks offer the final color of the fleeting skylight

Scenes like these are a good reminder to a Child of God of His glory, love, and majesty.

Walking in Creation – Appalachian Trail in Maryland
In May, I hiked the next section of the Appalachian Trail, walking north from Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia to a state park in Pennsylvania.
(I provided a summary of this walk in a previous article.)

As with all other sections of the trail as I’ve hiked north from Georgia, I’ve made a movie for my YouTube channel showing what I saw on the trail in Maryland:
Walking in Creation (Vol. 15) – Appalachian Trail (AT) in Maryland

Praise God for the beauty of His Creation!

God Bless!!!

2 thoughts on “Beauty in God’s Creation – Sunset Progression and a New Movie

  1. Beautiful pictures and movie Brother Ken. It was so inspiring and restful to watch your latest movie. We love y’all so much dear Brother and are so thankful for you and Sister Sandra.




  2. Thank you dear Bro. Mark, appreciate your viewing both the article and movie.
    I am but sharing the beauty and glory of God in His Creation…
    Love and Prayers for you all to have a safe and blessed trip home.


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