Glory to God in His Creation – Blue Skies in the First Heaven

Hi. Hope you are being blessed of the Lord with His Peace, Comfort, Mercy, and Grace.

I often write about the beauty of God’s Creation in the First Heaven (sky). Most times, it is of the beautiful sunsets we see from our back porch over the nearby lake and beyond.

Howver lately, we’ve noticed the beauty of the daytime white, puffy clouds surrounded by the striking, “azure” blue skies.

Here are some examples seen in late June and early July.

Notice the “popcorn” effect at the top of this scene.
Several types of clouds in this sky.
These views are from the Black Creek Hiking Trail west and upward over the Black Creek (river).
It’s wonderful how all parts of God’s Creation work together to show the beauty and glory of our Lord.
As can be with a photograph, this one doesn’t completely show the beauty of this skyward scene

Praise God for His Creation, and the ability of us to recognize from which it came!

God Bless!!

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