July, 2022 Meeting at Little Union Church

Hi! Hope this finds you and your family doing well, and enjoying the peaceful and comforting grace of our Lord.

On the second weekend of July (7, 8, 9, 10), Little Union Primitive Baptist Church – Elder Chris Crouse Pastor, hosted the annual July meeting.
(The meeting started Thursday night with preaching. We arrived Friday and stayed through Sunday.)

15510 County Rd 39, Lithia, FL 33547

Each service was preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

Elder Chris Crouse is pastor at Little Union Church

Friday Evening, 07-08-2022
A fellowship supper was offered in the dining room prior to the evening services.
The opening prayer was offered by Elder David Crawford.

Eld. David Crawford is Pastor of Macclenny Primitive Baptist Church in Macclenny, Florida

Eld. Mark Quarles preached from Matthew 24 on “God’s Word”.
References included:
– Psalm 12:6-7
– 2 Timothy 3:13

– 2 Peter 1
From this message:
– God’s Word will NEVER pass away!

Eld. Mark Quarles is our pastor at Providence Primitive Baptist Church near Stringer, Mississippi

Eld. Philip Conley preached from 2 Timothy 3 on “Importance of God’s Word”
Other references included:
– 1 Corinthians 10:13
– Romans 5:3
– Galatians 3:16
– Romans 9:17
– Romans 8:25-25
From this message:
– God’s Word NEVER changes!
– We are saved by Hope (not seen)
– God’s Word will sustain us

Eld. Philip Conley is a member of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Lockhart, Texas

Saturday Morning, 07-09-2022
Eld. Chris Taylor opened the morning services with prayer.

Eld. Chris Taylor is pastor of Antioch Primitive Baptist Church in Vero Beach, Florida

Eld. Philip Conley preached from Esther 4 on the subject of “God’s Promises”.
From this message:
– Mordecai believed in God’s promises to save Abraham’s seed
– God’s kingdom will go on, in spite of our enemies
– God’s providence will go on, regardless of ow bad things get
– Esther’s story is about God’s promises
– Pray without ceasing in all things
– In faith, we must trust in God’s promises
– God has placed a “treasure” in us
– God’s church is number one in our lives

Eld. Mark Quarles preached from the Joshua 2 on “Doing the Right Thing”
Other references included:
Hebrews 11:31
Joshua 6 :17-23
From this message:
– Rahab repented of her past sinful ways – she did “the right thing now”
– God gives us a way out of sin and to the road of repentance
– Rahab asked for mercy on her family for what she was doing, our family is blessed when we do right
– The “scarlet thread” (Joshua 2:8) is a symbol of our hope. Our lives look different when viewed through our “scarlet thread” of hope (our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)

Eld. David Crawford preached concering the “Three Key Areas of Life”
Other references included:
2 Corinthians 4:6
From this message:
– Three Areas:
1. Light: The Gospel which tells us what Jesus did for us
2. Knowledge: Of what God has done for us through Jesus
3. Glory: The Creator of all things, including our salvation
– What we believe Spiritually is important
– Know about Jesus from the “true gospel”
– The Law was “DIAGNOSTIC” only concerning our sinful nature, the Gospel is the CURE
– Avoid athiestism and materialism, and self-creationism, seek creationism of

Morning services were followed by a fellowship lunch in the dining room.

Saturday Evening
A fellowship supper was held in the dining room, followed by the Communion and Footwashing service.

Eld Chris Crouse spoke on the Communion and Footwashing service.
He offered a background on each part and reminded us of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection was for the sins of God’s People.
Eld. Philip Conley spoke on the BREAD (Body of Jesus Christ), after which unlevened bread was provided to each participant.
Eld. James Allen spoke on the WINE (Blood of Jesus Christ), after which wine was provided to each participant.
Eld. Mark Quarles spoke on the FOOTWASHING (which Jesus did to all the apostles), after which partipants paired up to wash each other’s feet.

Sunday Morning, 07-10-2022
Bro. Brandon Good opened services with prayer.

Bro. Brandon is member of Van Buren Primitive Baptist Church in Findlay, Ohio.

Eld. Phlip Conley preached from the Matthew 1 on “Five Women in Jesus’ Lineage”
From this message:
– These 5 women had troubled pasts, but Jesus came into this world to deliver and save sinners
– Sin is a condition we should have never been in
– No matter our past, we must go forward properly
– God gave David peace through his son Solomon (which means “peace”)
The only true peace we can have is from God through Jesus Christ

Eld. Mark Quarles preached from Psalm 110:7 on “Bitter Cup to Drink”.
Other references included:
John 18:1
– 2 Samuel 15:23
– 2 Kings 23:4-6

From this message:
– Many types of natural “waste” went into the Brook of Kidron, which Jesus had to cross over to go to the garden of Gethsemane
– Jesus had to go to the cross because of the filt of our sin, Him ALONE!
After the morning services, a fellowship lunch was served in the dining room

Personal Notes
This was a very blessed meeting!
Bro. Mark, Bro. Philip, and Bro. David were all blessed of the Lord with very good preaching liberty and Grace.
This was our third time to attend a meeting at Little Union, As with past visits, the membership did an excellent job in hosting the meeting, and Bro. Chris was a very good moderator.
We have been blessed with many wonderful and loving friends at Little Union, and we look forward to future visits. It was great to be here when they were having Communion!
The meeting was also blessed with great participation by many, including those who led singing.
Here are some of the men who participated as song leaders.

Bro. Brady Johnson
Bro. Gary Cunningham
Bro. Jamie Arnold.
Bro. Jamie is also the church clerk, and is responsible for the Facebook broadcast of services.
I had the privilege of having Communion and Footwashing with Bro. Jamie! 🙏
Bro. John Mark Quarles is the son of Eld. Mark Quarles and is a fellow member at Providence Church
Bro. Matt Brown

Others with whom we were blessed to have fellowship.

Sis. Bea Cummingham, a precious and dear long-time member of Little Union
She is the widow of Bro. Julian Cunningham, who passed away since we last visited this church.
Our love and prayers for God’s peace and comfort to always be with her.
It was nice to be with Bro. Brandon Good again.
We enjoyed being with he and his Dad – Lane, in last November’s meeting at Little Union.
Sunset to end the day on Saturday of the meeting.
It was a blessed time…

Church Information
For more information on Little Union Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

For more information on Providence Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

For more information on Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

For more information on Macclenny Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

God Bless!!!


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