Sunset Views West, and a Visitor – July 27, 2022

Hi. Hoping you are enjoying the wonderful blessings of our Lord.

As you may have seen in past articles, we are blessed to have a nice view over our lake to the west, which includes some very nice sunsets.

Because a sunset can come and go quickly, I have to be ready in case one appeals to my “photographer’s eye”.

On Wednesday, July 27 – I just happened to notice a nice, red sunset occurring.
In this case, I not only photographed from my back porch, but walked down to the shoreline of our lot to catch different perspectives.
I also had the company of an unexpected “visitor”.

This was the initial view that got me interested. Just happened to see this out the window as I was walking by!
From the back patio – over our neighbor Marcus’ home. Thankful to have such good, Godly neighbors.
The lake is just right of the detached garage.
From the lakeshore.
NOTE the visitor in the bottom-right of the picture – a duck who frequents our property.
It almost seems like he was enjoying the scenery as I was…
The sunset was just about over, loved the look of the scattered clouds.
The post in the bottom-right is a corner marker for our lot.
A final look up into the beauty of our Lord’s First Heaven – Thankful…

God Bless!!!


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