Short Trip to Biloxi, MS – Submarine Reunion and Area Scenes

Hi. Hoping you all are well and being blessed of the Lord.

On Monday, August 8, 2022, we drove to Biloxi, MS to meet with 13 of my shipmates for a short, informal “reunion”.
We returned home Wednesday morning, August 10, 2022.

Submarine Crew Reunion, USS Haddo
We served on the nuclear attack submarine USS Haddo (SSN 604).
This group served together in the 1971-1977 timeframe.
I was onboard from early May, 1972 until June, 1976.

This was taken in early May, 1973 in Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
We were on our way back to Groton, CT (home port) after 2 weeks of maneuvers with a destroyer squadron in the Caribbean.

The gathering was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which is located on the shore in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Front Row, L-R: Jim Lane, Don Payne, Bill Allen, Terry Elkins, Billy Frantz, Me
Second Row, L-R: Geoff Warnock, Dempsey Rouse, John Vaassen, Jocko Adams, Ladd Tomlin, Leon Hallman, Darrell Brown

I am very thankful to have served with these men, Good Guys All!
This picture was taken at the home of Billy and Waynette Frantz, who live nearby in Ocean Springs, MS.
We will ALWAYS be thankful for their wonderful hospitality in hosting the Monday night supper and gathering.

Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel has two areas: Main building (which includes a tower with rooms, and a casino), and a “Platinum” room tower.
Here are some views of the hotel.

This guitar is the iconic symbol for the hotel and casino
The main building is on the right, Platinum tower on the left.
Main Tower
Platinum Tower
The hotel has a nice pool area with views of the ocean

Our room was on the 7th floor of the main building, and faced the pool and ocean.
Here are a view views from our room (note: the tinted windows created somewhat of a “blue” color to the pictures.)

I think the pilings in the water are remnants of a building that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina in August, 2005.
The tall building beyond the parking lot is the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino

Here’s Sandra in the lobby area. Note the changing colors of the background “mural”.

Looks like she could “fly away”! 🙂🦅

Ocean Views

Here are some views of the ocean from the pool area and nearby shoreline.

Taken the second day with much nicer weather…

Evening-Night Views
On Tuesday evening, we went to a seafood restuarant, located next door to the hotel parking garage.

The food and service at McElroy’s Harbor House were very good.

After supper, walked around the area for some nice evening views.

Note the moon rising in the upper left of the picture.
A closer view from the previous photo. Note the two sea gulls in the middle-right.

Thankful for the fun time with my shipmates, and getting to see this part of Biloxi.

God Bless!!


4 thoughts on “Short Trip to Biloxi, MS – Submarine Reunion and Area Scenes

  1. This is so neat! Thank you for your service (and all of the men on the submarine) to our country! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    God bless y’all.


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  2. Anchors away! Always good to hear from you Ken. Enjoyed the photos. Keep ‘em comin, mate. God bless. Jerry

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