Fall Colors – 2022 (Part 1)

Hi. Hope you all are having a blessed day in the Lord.

A few years ago, I did a series of articles concerning the beauty of the Lord’s Creation as seen in the colorful Fall Foliage. Thought I’d do so again as we start the Fall season.
Articles include:
1. Pictures I’ve taken of the beautiful Fall foliage
2. Some pictures from the Fall issues of Vermont Life magazine

My Fall Pictures
The following pictures were taken on 10-31-2015 while hiking at Amicalola Falls State Park in north Georgia.
In the 22 years we lived in north Georgia (Cumming), I hiked there often and in all seasons.
As info, here’s a link to the web site for the park:
As you’ll see, it was somewhat of an overcast day which did NOT dampen the scenes of beautiful color found on the hike.

Even the smallest bushes shout the beauty of the Lord’s Creation!
Amicalola Falls
This was taken from a viewing platform, which is a part of a 604-step staircase trail that crosses, then goes up the left side of the falls to the top.
From the top of the falls looking south
Overlooking the gorge the stream flows down and through, towards the southwest.
Upwards through the canopy to the First Heaven (sky)

Vermont Life Magazine – Fall Issues
I discovered this magazine in the Fall, 1974 after a long weekend of sightseeing and hiking in Vermont. My subscription ran from the late-70s until the end of 2001.
I kept the Fall issues due to the interesting articles and wonderful pictures.

Here are some pictures from my first Fall edition, Autumn 1974. It remains one of my favorites.
Each Fall season, I get out the Fall issues as a way of looking forward to the beauty and cooler temperatures of the Autumn season.
Here are some pictures from that edition.
(The quality is not the greatest due to these being copied from the magazine, which is becoming somewhat faded due to age.)

An idyllic village scene on the front cover of this edition.
Note the church building and red school house with the 70s-era autos parked nearby.

Each Fall issue had a section which mainly displayed pictures of the season.
It typically had little verbage, to emphasize the beauty of the scenery.

A view along a country lane, past farms towards Vermont’s highest peak – Mt. Mansfield (4.395 ft.)
A sugar maple ablaze with its yellow leaves.
Looks like wood piles for use in cooking maple syrup.
A nice combination of colors and reflections on the stream flowing under a small iron bridge
This was a part of an article on the days between the last leaf falling and the onset of the winter season.
I’ve always liked this one due to its helping the reader get a sense of the change in weather.
On the back cover of this edition, another visual example of Fall’s ending…

I’ll attempt to publish a “Fall Article” each week during the season.

Glory be to God for the beauty of His Creation – in ALL seasons!

God Bless!!!

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