Peaceful Views into the First Heaven

Hi. Hoping you all are being blessed with the Lord’s peace and comfort.

During the week of 10-03/07-2022, I was blessed to observe some wonderful scenes into the Lord’s First Heaven.

The first was just outside of our house. The sky was dark blue (typical of Fall) but also included whisps of cirrus clouds flowing overhead. Here are a few views into this beautiful scene, taken on Tuesday, 10-04-2022.

We’d not seen clouds nor rain since 09-09-2022.
Here’s a closer look. Almost appears to be a rver of white in the sky!

On Thursday, 10-06-2022, I was working on a hiking trail in the Desoto National Forest when I observed this scene. It was a nice combination of high, longleaf pines, a blue sky with a few puffs of white, and one hardwood tree whose leaves were turning color.

I’m guessing some of the early color change was due to the ongoing dry weather.

Thankful for the simple beauty of the Lord’s Creation, whether it be on land or in the sky (First Heaven). An example of the loving glory of our dear Lord.

Praying He will bless you in the days and weeks ahead…

God Bless!!!


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