Providence Primitive Baptist Church – 2022 Good Hope Association Meeting

Hi! Hope this finds you and your family doing well, and enjoying the peaceful and comforting grace of our Lord.

On Friday and Saturday, 09-30/10-01-2022, Providence Primitive Baptist Church – Elder Mark Quarles Pastor, hosted the annual Good Hope Association meeting.

Due to Covid, this was the first Association meeting in 3 years.
We were very excited and thankful for the opportunity to meet again! 🙂 🙏

290 CR 10 Stringer, MS 39481

Each service was preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

Song Leaders (L-R): Sam Duckworth, Jeremy Duckworth
Eld. Mark Quarles, Pastor of Providence Primitive Baptist Church

Friday Morning, 09-30-2022

Eld. Luke Laird preached on “Saved by Jesus, Not by our Works”.

From this message:
– All are disobedient
– When we close our eyes in death, we’ll awake in Glory (no sin nor problems)
– Can’t add to “Perfect” (Jesus’ Work)
– Take up our cross daily

References included:
Isaiah 53

Eld. Luke Laird is a member at Union Church in Ruth, MS

Eld. Tom Griffin preached from Colossians 3:1-4 on “Seeking Things Above”.

From this message:
– The Cross is a symbol of our eternal salvation
– Jesus IS the Son of God
– Through Christ we are dead to sin
– Our salvation is secure in the finished work of Jesus

References included:
Romans 1
Hebrews 10

Eld. Tom Griffin – pastor of Middleton Creek Church in Meadeville, MS

Following morning services, a fellowship lunch was served in the dining room.

Friday Afternoon

Following the song service, Eld. Joe Myers preached from Hebrews 10 on “One Offering”

From this message:
– Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was one offering to God for the sins of His people
– Our sins are no longer remembered, no further offering is needed
– God’s covenant with His people through Jesus is timeless

References included:
– James 2
– Matthew 25
John 13:31

Eld. Joe Myers is Pastor of Bethlehem Church in Kenner, LA

Eld. Shane Arnold preached on “”The Author of our Salvation”

From this message:
– Avoid false doctrine
– Man cannot save himself
– Nature declares God’s Glory
– Jesus “draws” his people to Him

References include:
Matthew 25

Eld. Shane Arnold is the pastor of Old Good Hope Church in Magee, MS

Following afternoon services, a short break was followed by supper in the dining room

Friday Night

After supper and song service, Eld. Mike Ivey preached from Philippians 1 on “Heavenly Citizenship”

From this message:
– God is the protector of our rights, not a government
– There are 900+ rules associated with the 10 Commandments
– Can’t love the Lord if we hate our brother or neighbor
– Act like citizens of Heaven and act in a righteous manner
– Be Godly towards the unGodly, Strangers, and Pilgrims

References included:
Hebrews 11:13
– 1 Peter 2:11

Eld. Mike Ivey is the pastor of Unity Church near Moss Point, MS

Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. continued the theme “Citizenship of Heaven”

From this message:
– Live as a citizen of Heaven and act accordingly
– Charity never fails because we do it for God
– We are a citizen of Heaven by the Grace of God

Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr is the pastor of Salem Church in Natchez, MS

Saturday Morning, 10-01-2022

Saturday morning services began with a song service.

Song Leaders (L-R): Sam Duckworth, John Mark Quarles

Following the song service, Eld. Gary Rhodes preached on “Baptism”.

From this message:
– Baptism: An answer of a good conscience towards God
– Three qualifications for a Baptism:
1. Proper candidate
2. Proper administrator
3. Proper mode (immersion)
– Represents the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ
– If properly administered, a Child of God has 1 Baptism – same as there being 1 resurrection

Eld. Gary Rhodes is Pastor of Fuller Chapel Church in Little Rock, Ark.

Eld. Philip Conley preached from Luke 24 on “Walking to Emmaus”.

From this message:
– Jesus is alive!
– Jesus endured the cross gladly and in joy
– Jesus came to show He loved us
– Be obedient to God’s Word because He/Jesus gave us eternal life
– Jesus made us worthy to be in heaven
– Jesus ascended the first time to represent us, the second time He ascends He will bring us with Him
– Even though we don’t fully understand God, we can still walk with Him!

References included:
– John 13: 34 (footwashing)
– Matthew 25:45
Eld. Philip Conley is a member of Bethel Church in Lockhart, TX.

Following morning services, a fellowship lunch was served in the dining room.

Saturday Afternoon

Eld. Tony Lester preached from 1 Samuel 16 on “David, King of Israel”.

From this Message:
– Samuel annoints David as King of Israel
– David represented Israel as their King, Jesus represents His People as their Heavenly King
– See Jesus as OUR King!

References included:
1 Samuel 17
– Matthew 20:20
– 2 Samuel 2
– Isaiah 4
– 2 Samuel 5
– Matthew 25

Eld. Tony Lester is Pastor of Harmony Church in Tupelo, MS

Eld. Heath Williams preached from 2 Samuel 10 on “Ammonites vs. Israel”.

From this Message:
– We need to stand for God’s Ways against evil
– If God is with us, we will win
– We need to see the vastness of God’s Glory and faint not.
– We can influence others by walking in God’s Ways
– God communicates with us through His Word

Eld. Heath Williams is Pastor of Mt. Vernon Church in Cullman, AL.

Personal Notes:
We are thankful for the many Elders and visitors that attended this meeting.

A great blessing to fellowship and worship with so many from Sister Churches!
Here are some of the Elders that attended this Association Meeting
Wonderful Brothers ALL!!!

We appreciate all the work of Providence Church in hosting this wonderful meeting.

Note the beautiful Fall decorations made by some of the sisters of the church

Church Information
For more information on Providence Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

God Bless!!!


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