Fall Colors – 2022 (Part 5)

Hi. Hope you are having a blessed day in the Lord.

This will be the last in my series of articles concerning the beauty of the Lord’s Creation as seen in the colorful Fall Foliage.
Articles include:
1. Pictures I’ve taken of the beautiful Fall foliage
2. Some pictures from the Fall issues of Vermont Life magazine, which I subscribed to for many years

My Fall Pictures
The following pictures were taken on 10-15-2008 while hiking in Grayson Highlands State Park, located in southwest Virginia’s “Highlands”.
This scenic area contains the two of the highest mountains in the state: Mt. Rogers, highest, at 5,729 ft., and Whitetop Mountain, third highest, at 5,520 ft..
It was an up-and-back hike over the rocky heights of Wilburn Ridge (5,526 ft.). The ridgeline contains three rocky “peaks” and is open, offering panoramic views.

This is the second of two articles where I’ll share pictures taken on this “photo-perfect” day in the Lord’s beautiful Creation.
The pictures take off where the first article ended – about to ascend Wilburn Ridge.

A view of Wilburn Ridge from the Appalachian Trail (AT)
Views back east over the colorful Highlands
From the ridge looking west towards Whitetop Mountain in the distance
Overlooking a nice mix of evergreens and colorful hardwoods
Mercy – what a beautiful Creation!
High, open meadows between the Ridge peaks
Looking through Rhododendron Gap east
Looking east along Pine Mountain, former route of the AT
One of the locals pays me a visit

This area continues to be one of my favorites along the 1,085 miles of the AT I’ve been blessed to hike thus far.

Vermont Life Magazine – Fall Issues
Here are some pictures of the front pages from several issues.
(Reminder: The quality is not the greatest with some due to these being copied from the magazine, which is becoming somewhat faded due to age.)

How’s this for a place to walk?!
The steam off the water indicates cold weather that morning
Beauty at its peak
Looking into Stowe, VT with Mt. Mansfield (highest in the state) in the backround.
I’ve always thought of this one with two words- Praise God!
The annual “cleanup”, it appears Momma has a little helper!

Hoping you’ve enjoyed this annual series of articles on the beauty of God’s Creation in His Fall Foliage.

Revelation 4:11
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

God Bless!!!


3 thoughts on “Fall Colors – 2022 (Part 5)

  1. Great shots Ken. Several years ago Kathy & I hiked Grayson & petted the ‘wild’ ponies. They were so wild that they practically opened our backpacks looking for goodies. Ha.

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