Bethany Primitive Baptist Church – 2022 Fall Meeting

Hi! Hope this finds you and your family doing well, and enjoying the peaceful and comforting grace of our Lord.

On Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday 10-14/10-16-2022, Bethany Primitive Baptist Church – Elder Silas Ford Pastor, hosted its 2022 Fall meeting.

Elder David Crawford (from Macclenny Church in Mcclenny, Florida) and Elder Martin Onyoni (from Kenya) were the invited ministers.

5101 Old Atlanta Road, Suwanee, GA 30024

Each service was preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

Friday Evening,05-14-2022

Eld. Martin Onyoni preached from Hebrews 4 on “The Living and Written Word”.

From this message:
– The Written Word is a testimony of the Living Word
– The heavens declare the Glory of God and His existence
– We can hide from the Written Word, but not the Living Word

References Included:
John 1
1 John 5

Eld. David Crawford preached from 1 Samuel 5 on “Worshipping God – The Right Way”

From this message:
– The Philistines were pagan worshippers
– The Ark of God was placed near the statue of their pagan god Dagon
– The symbol of their pagan god was destroyed by the true God
– We need to feel the presence of God in our life
– We experience God in different ways

Following evening services, an ice cream fellowship was held in the lunch room.

Saturday Morning, 10-15-2022

Following the song service, Eld. David Crawford preached from Acts on “The Important Fundamentals of the Church”

From this message:
– We “scatter” to “gather”, openly gather for worship
– Our ministry should be one of Word and Deed
– Things we share should include:
1. Live in God’s ways always
2. Be a believer
3. When sharing, listen to the other person’s problems and beliefs
4. Witness to others what God has done for us
5. Encourage others

References included:
Acts 8
– Acts 9

Eld. Martin Onyoni preached on “The Second Coming”.

From this message:
– Focus our lives on Jesus and trust in His Word
– Let our light so shine among men

References included:
– Matthew 25
– 2 Peter 3
– Psalm 23 and 100
– John 10
– Hebrews 8

Following morning services, a fellowship lunch was served in the dining room.

We left for home after lunch.

On Saturday afternoon, Eld. David Crawford preached.
On Sunday morning (10-16), Eld. Martin Onyoni preached.

L-R: Eld. Martin Onyoni, Eld. Silas Ford, Eld. David Crawford

Church Information
For more information on Bethany Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

For more information on Macclenny Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

The Glory of God can be seen in the beauty of His Creation surrounding the building.
The Love of God and Edification of His People through the Gospel preached, can be heard inside…

God Bless!!!


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  1. Thanks so much for your good report of the meeting.  We appreciate y’all and love y’all so much Bro. Ken. 



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