Fall, 2022 4-Day Cruise to the Bahamas, Part 2

Hi! Hope this finds you and your family doing well, and enjoying the peaceful and comforting Grace of our Lord.

On Monday, October 31, 2022, we boarded the Royal Caribbean (RCL) cruise ship “Independence of the Seas” in Port Canaveral, Florida, and sailed on a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas.

This is the second of 3 articles on this cruise.
Part 1 shows Days 1 and 2 of the cruise, Port Canaveral and the day at sea.
It can be seen here: 2022 Bahamas Cruise – Days 1 and 2

Part 2 will show Day 3 of the cruise and the port of call in Nassau, Bahamas.
This will include:
– Sunrise and arrival in Nassau
– A walk around the “business district”
– Views of the port area

The following photo was provided by Royal Caribbean’s “Press Center” site.
I could never find a way to photograph the whole ship! 🙂

A beautiful ship sailing into the sunset/sunrise.


Day 3

After the Day 2 at sea, the ship entered the harbor to dock at Nassau, Bahamas.
We arrived early, around 6:30 am.

Sunrise and Arrival

We were the first ship in that morning.
Note the lighthouse on the left.
It was a double blessing to see the sunrise and the arrival in port.

The sunrise sky changed a lot as we docked in the port.
This part was special!

Around 6 minutes later, the sky changed again.

Looking back towards the harbor entrance.
The two large piers could dock 4 cruise ships (and they did, as you’ll see).

Here comes another Royal Caribbean ship, Anthem of the Seas.

Here are the piers on which we’d walk from the ship into the town.

Not long after the Anthem docked, the Carnival Cruise ship Elation entered the harbor.

Note how the ship is “turning around” to back into its pier!

Not long after the Elation arrived, Disney’s Wish entered the harbor.
It also did a “turn around” to back into its spot. (I only have a video of that maneuver.)

Note: With all 4 ships docked in Nassau, the total number of passengers was around 14,600 (based on maximum capacity). While I don’t think all went ashore, as you’ll see, it was pretty crowded in town!

Nassau Shopping District

This area is just off of the piers where the cruise ships are parked.
There is just about a shop for any type of merchandise.

Here’s a look at this busy area…

This was a rare moment where a street was not full of cars.

Note how close the nearest ship is to this area.

These flowering shrubs were very nice.
I’ll have a video showing the details, which I’ll include in the YouTube movie of this cruise.

Note the ad on the left “Blowout SALE”.
I’d hate to have to change a tire on these busy streets…

Nassau’s version of traffic congestion.

I imagine this store has been around for a while.

Looks like this tree is trying to make a U-Turn (?)

I walked down two alleyways. Both had shops and places to eat and drink.

As is often seen in the Caribbean, many buildings were painted with bright colors.

There were taxis, vans, and small buses everywhere willing to take the cruise tourist to wherever.

Did I say colorful earlier??

Another alley way, just a bit wider.

Some of Nassau’s police. I’d met the two on the left before, they were friendly and helpful.

Views of the Port Area

After walking around the business district, I returned to the ship and photographed the area around the port.

The nice houses off the “ocean side” of our ship sat on a narrow strip of land between the port and ocean.

Back towards the port entrance.
The lighthouse we passed in the morning arrival, can be seen at the end of the narrow strip of land.

Enjoyed the views of the ocean, with the water breaking over the reefs offshore.
The building on the right is a part of the “Atlantis” resort.

A better perspective of the port entrance.

The two Royal Caribbean ships in port that day.

Three of the four ships in port that day.
The Disney Wish is on the left.

Even the tug boats are colorful.

Two excursion boats + the pirate ship BlackBear’s Revenge (Arrrrrrrrg!)
The “Atlantis” complex can be seen in the background.

Passing the lighthouse on our way out of Nassau.
The “Anthem” can be seen in the horizon, far left side.
The “Elation is on the right-center on the horizon.

The visit to Nassau business area was interesting to do (once).
If/when I return, will try to book an ocean-based snorkeling excursion.
The scenery from the boat of the harbor and ocean was really nice.

Part 3 of this cruise documentary shows the Day 4 visit to Coco Cay – Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas.
This article can be seen here: 2022 Bahamas Cruise – Day 4

God Bless!!!


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