My Movies


When I graduated from high school (06-03-1970), I was given a Yashica 35mm film camera. During the 6 years I was in the Navy, I took between 1500 and 2000 pictures, mainly using Kodak slide film. This included places I visited, and scenes from trails I hiked.

In 2002, I purchased my first digital camera. I began using that (vs. my compact film camera) to document my Appalachian Trail (AT) hikes. Since then, I’ve purchased several digital cameras, and now use my Google Pixel 3 smart phone camera for all still pictures and videos.

In 2014, I learned to use software to take my digital pictures, videos, and scanned photographs, and make movies of my hikes on the AT. I also started a series on our trips to Disney World, travels, and one that honors military veterans. I created a channel on YouTube (Ken Brenner) and started uploading movies.

As digital photography has improved, so has “video stabilization” when using a video camera (less “shaking” when moving the camera around during the creation of a video). My goal now is to have more of my movies comprised of videos than still pictures. I feel it makes the viewer feel more like they are “there”.

Movie Series:

Appalachian Trail

This series is entitled “Walking in Creation”, and shows what each section of the AT looks like that I’ve hiked thus far. As I hike new sections, I’ll film, produce, and upload new movies to my YouTube channel.

The series title indicates my goal with these movies: 1. Give others a detailed look at what I’ve seen on the trail 2. Honor God for His beautiful Creation

In this series, you will also see three movies that documents a trip I took in October, 2018. I did 3 hikes over sections that I’ve done before and really enjoyed, or over a section that had been re-routed since I hiked it originally. These movies are called “3 Days in the Creation”. There is also one movie that shows the Fall colors I’ve seen on the trail over the years.

Here’s the playlist for my AT movies series:

Other Hiking Trails

This series shows other trails I’ve hiked and filmed.

Here’s the playlist for this series:

Disney World

I really enjoy going to Disney World – it is my “Happy Place”. We’ve been going regularly since 2007, and in my retirement years – I hope to go at least once per year. And, like my hiking, I want to film and produce movies of my experiences there.

Here’s the playlist for this series:


This series features other trips we’ve taken over the years, including cruises and cities visited. In my retirement years, I hope to take more cruises and visit other areas.

Here’s the playlist for this series: