Christmas Day – 2020

Merry Christmas to all!
A few things to share…

For many years, I’ve created a “Christmas Village” in our living room.
Here’s a picture and followed by a link to a video which shows more detail.

Video with more detail:

Here’s a segment from one of my favorite Christmas traditions – Charlie Brown Christmas!

And finally, here’s a wonderful rendition of the beautiful song “Once in Royal David’s City”, as performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Orchestra and Choir

Merry Christmas – and God Bless to All!!

10-30-2020 / 10-31-2020: Church Meeting at Fellowship Church

On Friday, 10-30-2020, Sandra and I drove south to Byron, GA to attend the Friday night and Saturday morning services of the annual Fall meeting at Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church. Elder Gary Hall is the pastor.

188 Fellowship Church Rd, Fort Valley, GA 31030
A Precious place and People!

Each preaching service is preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

The invited minister was Elder Ronald Lawrence, pastor of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Friday Night

Standing: Eld. Gary Hall, pastor of Fellowship Church
Seated left: Eld. Ronald Lawrence
Seated right: Eld. Ric Stewart

Elder Ric Stewart opened services with prayer.
Bro. Ronald preached from Revelations 3:7-8 on the subject of “Holy”.
Other references included 1 Peter 1:15.
From this message:
He that is holy has called us, we should be holy in all conversation.
The Lord can open and no man can shut. The Lord can shut, and no man can open. I’m thankful the Lord is in charge!

Eld. Ronald Lawrence

Saturday Morning
Elder Philip Conley opened services with prayer.
Bro. Ronald brought us a wonderful message from James 5 on “Prayer”.
Other references included 2 Chronicles 7, Matthew 6, and Isaiah 12.
From that message:
The importance of an effectual, fervent, and earnest prayer.
Don’t worry – God is in charge!
“The strength is ALWAYS in the Lord and NEVER in us!”
(I am so thankful to know that.)

Bro. Ronald is a VERY able and gifted minister of the Gospel.

We returned home Saturday afternoon.
Services at Fellowship Church continued Saturday night and Sunday morning.

We were so blessed to be able to attend this meeting.

God Bless to You!!!

11-01-2020: Pictures and Articles from Vermont Life Magazine – 1997 through 2001

Here are the final set of articles and pictures from the Autumn editions (of the magazine) I originally had in my collection.
I hope you have enjoyed these Autumn views of the Lord’s beautiful Creation!

Of note: Some scenes in this magazine spanned 2 facing pages – hence the more “narrow” format of some pictures I extract, edit, and share with you on this site.
I found that, starting in the 90’s, the magazine did this more often.


Front Page
Color, water, reflections… Incredible!
This is an advertisement, but thought the scene was really good.
Kingdom = Northeast Kingdom, the northeast part of Vermont

Welcome to Autumn
Another set of Fall foliage pictures – very nice!

It might be work to rake them up, but are they ever pretty after the color arrives!
A very nice view from Owl’s Head (1,952)
A different perspective from the same lake as seen on the Front Page photo

The Edge of Wilderness
An interesting article on hiking in late-Fall, and the conditions one would face in the higher elevations. As my buddy “Czar” would say, “chilly!”.

“Rewards”? Perhaps a lower number of hikers…
Same area as picture above, same temperature!
Anyone for a hike?
What a colorful carpet

Signs of the Season
One of my favorite parts of an Autumn edition – nice pictures of Fall’s color.

The hills are “ablaze”
Top: “Get along, little doggies!”
Bottom – A little lady giving it a good try!
Wow – the Lord’s Creation is incredible!!!
The mountain in the background is Camels Hump
The geese had better get a move on if they want to beat the early Winter cold…

Food Lover’s Guide to RT. 100
This article discussed all the places to buy locally-grown produce along a particular highway. Enjoyed the picture below…

A background view, plus the pumpkins for sale
Notice the little “dude” wth his tractor. I had one like that when I was little – a John Deere
Ha! I’ve seen this in other places.
Someone had “navigation” issues (just like some pilots I know…)
From an advertisement at the end – “turn over a new leaf”

Of note: Sometime in the 90s, they started putting advertisements in the magazine, one of which took up the Back Page. So, will not have any more of those to share.


Stowe, VT, with the state’s highest mountain – Mt. Mansfield (4,393) in the background

A Capital Idea
The first page for an article/ad for a section of the state.
Mostly advertisements, with a few good pictures…

At 7,436 residents, Montpelier, VT is the smallest of the capital cities in the 50 states.
This view of Peacham, VT is one of the more photographed in the state

An article about a small town in west-central VT, close to Lake Champlain and the VT/NY border.

Must have been a cool morning to pick apples in long johns!
Imagine sitting on the front porch, admiring the handy work of the Lord!

Autumn’s Golden Glow
The annual display of Fall foliage pictures, always enjoyable.

Now, if I didn’t know this was Vermont, I’d think this was a very old alligator that had turned to stone
This is a village green in Townsend. I’m almost sure that I drove around this in October, 1974.

There’s a story behind the next photo.
During my October, 1974 weekend in southern Vermont, I planned to do two things:
1. Drive around the countryside to see and take pictures of the remaining Fall foliage.
2. Drive to near Wallingford, VT, hike up the Long Trail / Appalachian Trail (they are the same path there) to a side trail to the White Rocks cliffs.
From White Rocks, I could look west into the valley containing Wallingford and Rutland to the north.
My pictures from this hike are in slides, and I plan to get digital copies made one day (as I will do with the others I took of that trip).
Hopefully, by next Fall when I show you Fall pictures again, I’ll have these to share.
In the meantime…

White Rocks cliffs.
Wallingford is in the valley, a bit north, with Rutland in the valley a good bit north (but can be seen here).
Fall colors and a rainbow. (Had to enlarge a small picture, hence the graininess)
So much fog, one can hardly see the building in the background.
I imagine the boy telling the horse: “Winter is right behind those hills in the distance, let’s get you to the barn!”
Regardless of my imagination, a really great scene!

A Cut Above
An article about the road through a gap/notch below Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak (4,395).

Notice the contrast between the mountainside and lower elevations.


Front Page: What a contrast in objects and colors

Favorite Views
An article on two “favorite views” that photographers like to film in the Fall: Jenne Farm and Peacham.

Scenes from the Jenne Farm have shown up often in the Autumn editions of the magazine
Views towards the town from a farm owned by the Stokes family.
The mountains in the distance are a part of the Presidential Range in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Not the famous cemetery, but a small town (pop. 2300+) in west-central Vermont.

Brief but Bright – The Colors of Autumn
Another wonderful montage of pictures showing the colors of Fall.

Oh Boy – another reflection picture!
How nice…
The Small Leaf: Note the ice/frost that lines the edges
Fog in the valley beyond – a sure sign of a Fall morning…
Spectacular View!

The lead page of an advertisement for south-central Vermont.

A courthouse, with a church in the background


Note the “steamy” water

Picture Vermont
Not sure if I’d call this article just one about Fall scenes, but it shows some favorite pictures taken by contributing photographers.

I can identify with this one. Interesting the way the sun is reflecting on the low clouds…
This one is probably my favorite of the bunch.
My buddy Czar would probably pick this on for its “chilly” look!

Autumn, Up Close
The normal collection of Fall scenes, normally my favorite article in the Autumn issue.

A nice, simple scene. Would enjoy sitting on the front porch, enjoying the leaves
both in the trees and on the ground (which I’d hope someone would rake up!).
Obviously a cool morning – fog from the ground and smoke coming from the chimney

Deerfield Valley
Another travel “advertisement” for a portion of the state – here south central.

Would enjoy a stroll down this lane…

Pumpkin Power
A Fall discussion on the power of the pumpkin!
Where’s Charlie Brown???

This was the final year I received this magazine.
It eventually went out of business in mid-2018.
Here are the articles and pictures…

Can you imagine a walk like this?

Stillness of Autumn
Another scenic gallery of pictures showing the beauty of the Fall colors.

Another nice “reflection” picture – mercy!
Nice picture – with a half moon thrown in!
Another beautiful contrast between Fall conditions at elevation and in the lower valleys.
The mist on a Fall morning
Another look at White Rocks, just off of the Appalachian Trail / Long Trail.
I stood on one of these taking pictures in October, 1974.

Seeing Vermont’s Landscape
Most of the landscape pictures were not very “Fall-like”.
The one below was nice.

The Shadow of History
A short article about the Bennington Battle Monument.
I’ve seen (from a distance) this monument during my October, 1974 tour.
The Appalachian Trail travels through the mountains in the background. I hope to see it again one day, if I am blessed to reach that area on my Appalachian Trail journey north.

Cranberry Bog
An interesting article about a valley’s cranberry bog.
I’ve actually seen one in upper-east Tennessee (Shady Valley), and in the Cape Cod area.

Wow – this is some beautiful picture.
A great way to end my series on Fall colors in Vermont…

I hope you have enjoyed my series on pictures from articles in my collection of Vermont Life magazine – Autumn editions.
The Lord’s Creation is amazing at any time – but He has blessed us with such beautiful color in this season.

Praise God – and God Bless You!!!

10-23-2020: Pictures and Articles from Vermont Life Magazine – 1983 through 1987

Hi. With the Fall winding down (especially in Vermont) wanted to share more pictures from the Autumn editions (of the magazine) I originally had in my collection.


Front Page – Looks like Mom has a little “helper”

Taking Aaron to the Top
A story of a Dad taking his dog and son to the top of a mountain, with a route that apparently, was harder to find than expected.

The First Branch of the White River

Some nice views of the area surrounding a river.

Mercy! Look how close some of those houses are to the river!
This has it all – Covered bridge, farm, hills with colorful trees, and a slow-flowing river.

All Aboard the Foliage Train
Scenes of a seasonal tourist train. Probably a very nice ride…

A Different Perspective
A scenic view from “above” the Fall Foliage.

I love the one in the top right – A church building, valley, mountains, and color!

Autumnal Reflections
A nice montage of Fall Foliage pictures.

Top: I love “reflections” pictures. Bottom Left: Getting ready for Halloween
Bottom Left: What a nice scene. No wonder he wanted to paint it…
Bottom: A nice combination – Colorful leaves, green grass, white horse
Praise God for His Creation!

Leave the Leaves Alone
A humorous discussion on all the “to do” about leaves…

I recall walking down a lane, just like this. The floor was covered in colorful leaves.
Back Page: Looks like he caught one


Front Page: how nice…

The Road to Lake <I can’t pronounce it>
One of my favorite articles in this edition is a story of researching and finding the remains of an old (1800s) road. I’ve always been interested in old roads and this one fit the bill…

Now you see why I titled this section “Lake <I can’t pronounce it>”!!
I really like both of these scenes
A nice illustration of the original route(s) from the capital at Montpelier to the Canadian border.
Wow – A “calendar setting!
I imagine it was a pretty ride in the Fall
Finally there – A view of the lake I can’t pronounce!

October Nineteenth
A story of a photographer’s long day of driving, looking for the perfect Fall scenes. I liked the one below the best…

Has a little of everything – morning fog, water, colorful trees

Light in Autumn
A typical but nice selection of Fall color scenes.

I suspect a late-afternoon view, there’s no morning fog…
Bottom Right: Really nice – yellow and white!!
These three are really nice. Bottom: A good, old-fashioned Jack-O-Lantern!

A discussion on the state’s Wilderness Areas. A few nice pictures are included.

I can identify with this one!!

Thistle Hill
A nice story about an elderly couple who ran a hillside campground.

What a setting for a “business meeting”
Back Page – What a view of Camels Hump!
I’ve got to do that some day – how about it Czar??


What a wonderful scene for the Front Page!

There won’t be many pictures from this edition/year as most articles did not have pictures like previous editions.

Private View – Late Fall
This was a nice, short article with black and white picture, discussing the end of the Autumn season.

Saving Vermont’s Farms
I read this once, and recall the discussion on trying to help farmers keep their land and farms going. One of the points was, Vermont’s big industry was tourism, and the farmland with woods, hills, etc. was an important part of that.
Being from Kansas, I argue farms have a far greater importance than tourism…

Top: Note the mountain in the background, progression from snow/frost down to Fall colors.
Bottom: A nicely-framed picture…

Autumn Mists
The annual article showcasing the Fall colors. This one emphasizes the morning fog that occurs each Autumn.

Bottom Left: Note the progression on the leaves from green to red with some frost.
Representation of all phases of the Fall season.
This photo accompanied a recipe that used Sweet Corn.
I liked the way they staged all of the natural “props”.
Back Page: A potpourri of harvested products


History on the Hoof
This article described a multi-day walk by cadets at the military school – Norwich University, to the historic Fort Ticonderoga in New York state. It was a
re-creation of a similar walk made by cadets who attended the school in 1840.

Fall colors were out, but so were the rain clouds.
The cadets overcame many obstacles in completing the march across the western side of Vermont.

Robert Frost
This article described the life of the great poet, and how he came about to write one of the few poems I will read – 1922’s “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”.

Opening Day of Deer Season

Stunning picture!

Autumn – The Sweet Tug of Necessity
An article that shows Autumn’s beauty while mentioning the preparations required for the coming Winter.

I love the contrasts of these colors.
A great lunch spot with a view.
What a beautiful scene…
Very nicely done by the photographer – Paul Boisvert


Front Page: Looks like someone is getting ready for Winter

Long Trail
Since several articles/pictures in this edition were related to the Long Trail, I felt a brief description was in order…
Started in 1910, and completed in 1930, this is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the country.
This trail runs 272 miles north and south, from the Massachusetts border in the south, to the Canadian border in the north. It is generally along the spine of the Green Mountains in Vermont. The first 100 miles from the south coincide with the Appalachian Trail (AT). At that point, the AT turns east and goes 150 miles to the New Hampshire border.
For more information, see this web site:

Remembering the Mountains
This was an enjoyable story to read (for me), since it was about a hike a young man (16) took in 1937 on the Long Trail.

The Long Trail Today
An update to the condition and plans for the trail.

As you may have observed in other posts, I like “reflection” pictures.
This one is special as the reflection includes colored leaves, the sky, and trees.

Getting in Gear
Another in the “genre” of stories about the transition and anticipation from Fall to Winter.

I included some of the “text” from this article as it nicely reflects the subject of “anticipation”
Mercy! Another photo that reminds me of something I saw on my October, 1974
driving and walking tour of southern Vermont
“Get along little doggie…”
One can see several natural features of Autumn – Cool, foggy mornings, brilliantly colorful leaves
The initials are for the editor of the magazine – Tom Slayton
During his tenure as editor, he’s often provide a summarized narrative for an article that was mostly pictures
Along a northern section of the Long Trail – white blazes, an old rock wall, and colorful undergrowth.
One of my all-time favorites!

God Bless!!!

10-17-2020: Church Meeting – Bethany Church

On Saturday, October 17, 2020, Bethany Primitive Baptist Church held its annual Fall meeting. My wife Sandra and I are members of Bethany Church, which is located in southeast Forsyth County, Georgia. Our pastor is Elder Silas Ford.

Address: 5101 Old Atlanta Road, Suwanee, GA 30024
Photo by Bro. David Lawrence

Each preaching service is preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

The invited minister was Elder Ronald Lawrence, pastor of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Bro. Ronald preached from Isaiah 26 regarding “A Strong City”.
Cities of God are strong and holy vs. a city of “man”.
In Ephesians 5, the Apostle Paul urges us to give thanks unto the Lord.

Bro. Ronald is a very able preacher, and a dear brother and friend…

A fellowship lunch followed morning services.


Bro. Ronald preached from Acts 1, Exodus 24 and 34, and other books and chapters on the meaning of the number “40” (which often is associated with “completeness”).

Following afternoon services, many stayed and enjoyed a time of fellowship.
We were thankful for such good preaching by Bro. Ronald, and the chance for the church to spend the day together.

Bethany Church
We meet each Sunday morning starting at 10:30 am (ET).
Please come be with us.
Our services can also be seen via our Facebook Live page:
For more information on Bethany Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

For more information on Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

God Bless!!!

10-10-2020: Church Meeting – Rome Midway Church

Wanted to share the blessings we received while attending the Saturday session of the annual Fall meeting at Rome Midway Primitive Baptist Church.
The meeting started Friday night, we attended the Saturday services.

Rome-Midway Church is located 9 miles north of Rome, GA.
The pastor is Elder Joe Hayes.

Each preaching service is preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

Elder David Guttery, pastor of Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church, spoke first. Bro. David preached from Ecclesiastes 11: 9-10, which gives us a warning that we need the Lord’s help to resist evil.
Ecclesiastes 12:1 reminds us to “Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth”, and to keep our eyes on the Lord.

Bro. David is a very able preacher, we’ve enjoyed his messages for many years.

Elder Philip Conley brought us an excellent message on the importance of looking to God for all help, and less on this world. He spoke from 2 Corinthians 4, Romans 5, and 2 Peter. He encouraged us to glory in the Lord in good and bad times, because He is with us always.

We love Bro. Philip, his gift, and his precious family!

Morning services were followed by a fellowship luncheon.

Elder Philip Conley opened services with a message from 1 Corinthians 15: 21, showing us – by man (Adam) came (spiritual) death, by man (Jesus), came resurrection of the dead. The good news of the Gospel is, we are “Alive in Christ”!

Elder David Guttery preached from Matthew 1 on the genealogy of Joseph (the “adopted Dad of Jesus”).

It was a blessed day of preaching and fellowship.

It’s always a great blessing to be in services at Rome Midway Church

God Bless!!!

10-06-2020 – A Beautiful Sunset in the First Heaven

I have often heard preachers refer to the “First Heaven” as the sky/atmosphere of our world. This is the home to the “fowls of the air” (birds), the tops of the Lord’s large trees, components of our weather, and views through to the “Second Heaven” (stars, moon, sun, etc.).

I attend a nearby church – Boiling Springs Primitive Baptist Church, on Tuesday nights. A part of my return home is via a two-lane road that has some farm land on its northern border. I’ve often seen some nice sunsets near the end of this road. The view includes the sunset, a pond, and old outbuilding.

On the way home from bible study Tuesday night (10-06-2020), I was given these views as I passed this familiar area. I find this time peaceful, especially on this road. That, together with the scenery and sunsets I often view, make me again appreciate the beauty and glory of God’s beautiful Creation.

I spent a few minutes looking and capturing the images as the sun going down rapidly changed the appearance of the skyline.

One last look back…

As with my hiking, one never knows when another look into the Glory of God’s Creation will appear around the corner…

Praise God, and may He Bless You!!!!

10-06-2020: Pictures and Articles from Vermont Life Magazine -1981 and 1982

I’ve heard that the Fall colors in New England are peaking earlier than normal this year. Apparently, this area has been in somewhat of a drought.
Here’s a look at the status of Fall Foliage as of 10-05-2020:

Here are highlights from the 1981 and 1982 Autumn editions of Vermont Life magazine.

This edition includes articles about a bike trip, a picture of a very large covered bridge, and a scenic portfolio of Fall pictures.

Front Page

Follow the Yellow Dirt Roads
The story of a group that rode their bikes “way off the beaten tracks” 50 miles, then returned the next day.

Vermont’s Bridges
Normally, a covered bridge was meant for horse and buggy, cars, or pedestrians.
This one was used for a train, and was accordingly large. I’ve not seen one like this…

An Autumn Homecoming
Scenery from back roads during the Fall season.

This one has it all: color, stone wall, and morning mist
I particularly like the top photo.
Note the large amount of stacked wood in the bottom picture. I guess it must get cold there… (smile).
Wonderful scenery!
Bottom: Now, that’s a lot of leaves that man is raking – Mercy!
Top Left: Another “reflection” picture – one of the best.
Top Right: I recall walking along a similar setting in October, 1974.
Note the snow on top of the mountain (Mt. Mansfield) in the background,
while the lower elevations are in Fall “mode”.
Back Page: Note the contrast of colors!
I’ve always felt this was one of the better pictures in my magazine collection…

This edition was always one of my favorites due to its diversity of articles.
Those included: Typical Autumn photo portfolio, a “best of” or “favorites” in the state, and pictures of the seasonal transition to barren trees.

Front Page
While somewhat faded, a nice start to this edition.

But first, I had to put this one in here, at least for one of my subscribers and his wife. (I welcome comments on this scene.)

Now, this is either an accidental submersion, or someone was “nautically” confused!

Autumn is a Sensory Experience
A discussion and photos of the “sight” sense that is affected by the wonderful Fall scenery.

Top: What a picture!!!
Bottom: Digging potatoes – looks too much like work to me (a retiree)!
It almost doesn’t seem real – except, God’s Creation is as real as it gets!
Can you imagine walking along a lane with such color???
The morning mist always enhances the color!

Autumn Guide to Vermont’s Bests and Favorites
I’m not sure how “accurate” this was, but I could see some humor in a few of the categories.
Regardless, here’s what they choose in 1982:

You can tell by the titles, some of this is in jest

I choose a few, just for their photographic or topic qualities.

An early version of “drive through”!
Frosting: As in “snow” on the mountain top.
I imagine that, as my good friend Czar would say, it was probably “Chilly” up there!
The picture of the lower slopes and valley originally showed the color (now faded).

Favorite Place to Tee Off From

You golfers would appreciate the view from this tee beyond the green.
Would be distracting to a duffer like me (although I might accidentally hit the ball straight).

Favorite Pumpkin Patch

Looks like great fun to me!
More on this below…

Story on the picture above…
Note the “face” painted on the pumpkin the boy is looking at.
That inspired me to do the same for our Halloween pumpkins.
Starting in 1982, and at least through our children and grandchildren’s times, I would paint one or more pumpkins with a face on it, most often looking straight ahead. It would go out on the front porch through Halloween.
Here’s an example:

I guess Poppa’s not too bad of an artist
Looks like they are having a fun time!!
By the way, the “place” is Rutland, VT.

Silver in the Hills
“Observations of November’s Subtle Beauty”
Another article showing the landscape after the leaves have fallen and the temperatures have dropped.
“The foliage has flown before the unforgiving October winds, leaving bare branches etching a pewter sky.”

I love the reflections
This one looks “warm”, although the breeze is probably not.

And finally, the back page…

Rutland – the town mentioned in the “Best Place to be a Kid at Halloween”.

Hope you enjoyed this look at the beauty of the Lord’s Creation from the early 1980s…

God Bless!!!

10-02-2020: Vermont Life Autumn Editions 1979 and 1980

Hard to believe it is already October. The cooler weather in northern Georgia is a testimony of the Fall season arriving. No fall colors here yet, but there definitely are in Vermont. And, in keeping with recent posts, here are a couple more highlights of past Autumn editions of Vermont Life magazine (which I used to get).

This edition had a couple of articles with nice Fall foliage scenery.

A nice and colorful Front Page!
As a grandfather, I had to put this one in.
Here’s Edward Baker holding his great grandson Christoforo LasBarbero.
The child would be around 42 years old now.

On the Third of October
A nice story about a photographer from western Massachusetts, who takes a long (370 miles) driving trip around Vermont in search of the perfect Fall foliage pictures. Here are some samples of what he saw that October 3rd.

A covered bridge and bright trees, classic Fall New England photo.
I’ve seen a similar (but shorter) covered bridge in Connecticut near the town of Cornwall Bridge.
How’s this for a picture worthy of being on a calendar!
Very pastoral

Autumn Changes
This article discusses the changes to and from the Fall season.
“The season starts before its predecessor exits. Autumn changes happen while Summer still seems prevalent and strong.”

Nicely composed, letting the tree frame the left side of the picture.
Fall concert on the village green.
Yellows, Reds, and Greens – and a sign directing one to the church parking lot
Someone’s having fun!

Then, there’s the change from Fall to Winter (which happens early in Vermont)…

The leaves are gone, and high winds in the atmosphere indicate something’s coming…
The Fall harvest is complete, wood burning in the fireplace.
Now, just waiting for the first snow.

Country Roads
“Country roads, country ways. As settled as the valley, as certain as a sunrise.”
A nicely written and photographed article about sights along country roads.
In my 1974 trip to Vermont, I tried to make my way through the countryside via the least-traveled roads. My pictures are in slides, but one day – I hope to convert them into digital so I can share with you. So, I found myself empathizing with this story…

Gathering pumpkins for Halloween and on.
Looks like the cat decided to come along.
Getting the cattle across the road in the morning mist.
The sugar maple, with its golden leaves – shout to the glory of God’s Creation!
Another really nice country scene.
I imagine the road can get kind of “mushy” when the snow melts!
It would be a nice ride this time of the year.
Back Page
Nice to see a quote from Psalm 71

This edition has a nice mix of articles about mountains, towns, and Fall scenery.

If nothing else, the Front Page would draw one in to look around.
The mist and bright colors are special.

Autumn Comes to Mt. Mansfield
Mt. Mansfield, at 4,393 ft – is the highest peak in Vermont.
Due to its location and altitude, it receives wintery weather early.
This article provides pictures of Fall and Winter, often mixed together.

The famous Long Trail goes over the high peaks of this mountain.
When weather cooperates, the views are unimpeded and spectacular.
Top: The picture doesn’t look much like Fall to me.
Bottom: The contrast between the higher and lower elevations.
Top: Note the caption: “… after a fresh October snow”!
Bottom: Looking east during a cold sunset

Corn Harvest
Colorful setting for a corn harvest.

A nice look at a colorful harvest time

Owl’s Head
Some nice views from the top of a 1900+ ft. mountain.
Apparently, one can drive to near the top, making it easier for all ages.

The Howrigans of Fairfield
Scenes from a true “family farm”.

It wouldn’t be hard to get distracted with this color!
What a beautiful pastoral scene!

Wallingford, Vermont
This was the northernmost town I saw before heading back south during my October, 1974 visit to the state.

Autumn’s Warmth
A nice article with some really good Fall pictures.

Grazing and plowing, a real farming scene
Bottom Left: Blue sky with a red maple highlighted by the sun

The Suddenness of Snow
The author wonders why it is already snowing:
“It was way too early. It simply didn’t fit.
Something that shouldn’t have been, was falling from the sky…”
Another example of Fall and early Winter blending.
As my grandmother would say: “Oh Mercy!”

I imagine the cows are somewhat confused
I love seeing an old rock wall in this sort of setting.
Snow, Fall Color, and Halloween Pumpkins – a strange mix!

Hope you enjoyed this 1979/1980 look at Autumn.

God Bless!!