July, 2022 “Three Days Meeting” at Union Church

Hi! Hope this finds you and your family doing well, and enjoying the peaceful and comforting grace of our Lord.

On the fourth weekend of July (22, 23, 24), Union Primitive Baptist Church – Elder James Conley, Pastor, hosted its annual Three Days Meeting.
(The meeting started Friday morning and ended on Sunday. We attended the services on Saturday.)
Elder Mark Quarles, pastor of Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Stringer, Mississippi, was the invited minister.

3955 Primitive Dr SE, Ruth, MS 39662

Each service was preceded by a song service, led by song leaders, and sung by the congregation “a Capella” (without musical instruments).

L-R: Bro Joe Young, Eld. James Conley, Eld. Joe Myers
ALL good singers!
Note the beautiful interior of the church building

Saturday Morning, 07-23-2022

Eld. Mark Quarles preached from Genesis 6 on “Noah and the Ark”.
References included:
– Genesis 7
– Hebrews 3:5

From this message:
– Noah = Rest and Comfort
– God made the world good, but man made the world evil
– Only God can give us rest on the “inside”
– Walk with God via Prayer and His Word
– As God shut Noah and his family into the Ark, so are God’s people in His grace and eternal salvation
– Let us stay in God’s ways!

Morning services were followed by a fellowship lunch in the dining room.
Later many went to the home of Joe and Romona Young for a wonderful time of music, singing, and fellowship.
A fellowship supper was served in the church dining room prior to the evening service

Saturday Evening
Eld. Mark Quarles preached from Genesis 7 on “The Flood”
References included:
– Psalm 69:14-15
– Psalm 40:13
– Genesis 8

From this message:
– The Flood was God’s “waters of judgement”
– God has given us the victory
– The ark was lifted up by the waters, like Jesus was on the cross
– The ark settled on land, like Jesus rose from the grave
– We will never find rest in this world

L-R: Eld. James Conley, Eld. Mark Quarles
Union Church is a wonderful place to worship and fellowship with God’s people.

Personal Note
We were very thankful to attend this meeting, and experience the loving fellowship of the members and visitors.
We appreciate the kind hospitality of the church (including being in the home of Joe and Ramona Young), and the wonderful preaching of our dear pastor, Eld. Mark Quarles.

Church Information
For more information on Union Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

For more information on Providence Primitive Baptist Church, see this page:

God Bless!!


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