From our Back Porch – August, 2022

Hi. Hoping you and your family are well and enjoying the blessings of the Lord.

From our Back Porch
Since moving to our new home, I’ve often created articles showing things we’ve seen from our back porch: sunsets, lake views, geese, and a lone a duck. Our house faces generally west, and we’ve been blessed with some really nice sunsets.
Since this happens so often, I thought I’d start a new series “From our Back Porch” to share what I’ve seen in the recent/current month.
Here’s a report on our “August Sightings”.

Fowl Friends
There’s a family of geese that are seen on and around the lake, including our lakeshore. Sometimes there are 2, 8, and even 16 or so. Most times, they are accompanied by a lone duck (whom I’ll call “Loner”).
They normally stay close to the lakeshore. And… when they see me approaching, no matter how “stealth” I am, they immediately head for open waters. 😮
Twice, I’ve seen a group of our Fowl Friends up closer to the house, perhaps 30 or so yards away. The following is a short photo series showing their close visit on 08-01-2022.

Whoops, they saw me!
A closeup of our Fowl Friends, as they head for the water
Oh well, I can take a hint… 🙂

Sunset 08-07-2022
As often happens, I was walking through the kitchen eating area and glanced out the windows to check the lake, sky, etc. What I saw on this evening was really beautiful!
The following set of pictures offers the sequence of what I saw when walking from the back porch to the lake and back.

My first glance skywards revealed the effect of the setting sun on the sparce clouds
The first of several taken near or at the lakeshore.
I enjoy seeing the sky reflection of the First Heaven!
Note: “Loner” swimming through the reflection (in the middle of the scene)
A closer look…
Beautiful reflection in the little “inlet”!
From along the lakeshore
What’s left of the sunset “lights up” our lake
Thankful for what I was blessed to witness – the Glory of God in His First Heaven!

Praise God – and I hope He blesses You!!


6 thoughts on “From our Back Porch – August, 2022

  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures so much. Thank you for sharing that. God bless you and Sister Sandra.




  2. Ken, thanks for sharing your scenery and the stories. Its a serene and soothing outlook you and Sandra have been blessed with. Enjoy. Its well deserved.


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